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Seconds   to minutes to hours to days to weeks to months to years to decades to centuries. No matter how well he  think he lived,  his mistakes are still there. But most mistakes reveal somethings he doesn't   know. Sometimes he try to play along with those he know doesn't worth it. When he keeps playing along and  he keeps asking himself  if he is really doing the right thing and sometimes he hates   it to the last . IT'S FOR US .


Everyday has it's own story,good or bad we just have to endure. Every story has it's end, so let our pasts end with the last page. When we love, hate, desire, regret it's all supposed to be that way at that time Sometimes we just don't know what  to think   anymore. Our days pass by like the sands of the earth blown by the wind.  Sometimes we love but can't reach to the love because of reasons.                      IT'S US .


A new world , a new beginning, a new environment, a new everything. Things we had in mind before the new beginning aren't happening the way we want. We are free to get  scared  confused  and angry  about the things we meet in that new beginning but we should remember what  and those we left behind just to make that decision and take those steps   to the new life. IT'S US