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                                We are lost, lost in our thoughts, lost in our imaginations, lost in our visions and even  lost in our reality. Waiting patiently to be found even when we think we are running out of time.     Everyone has a purpose in this small world, the question is "have you found yours?" Do you even know what to say when you are asked?     I hope one day  we will be found,we will  be saved from our own minds and I wish it won't be too late. I wish.                                             Pamela's diary


                                We do know what is ahead of us. And we have to be strong enough to face them because we have learnt to face our fears instead of running away or hiding away from them. We might be weak but we know we will pass through all of that and scale through no matter what. We have a Mission with Vision to Accomplish.                                              Pamela's diary


We really want to do a lot on this planet earth. We want to be so many things yet we are scared,we are scared of failing, scared of been turned backs on,scared of our own selves. All you have to do is try it,forgive yourself,just do it. I don't know if you have ever felt defeated,maybe not physically but emotionally and other wise but still it's difficult to fight but you just have to keep pushing, always remember you are doing it for yourself and not for "them".


Sometimes  we feel that everyone has turned their backs on us,even though some still talk to us, but we know that deep in their hearts and obviously facially we are nothing to them. Have you ever felt that way in you present or past life? Just put on that smile that will make people ask you the reason why you smile every time. Just do whatever you want to do,it's your life to live not theirs,just keep moving and tell them all they want to hear every time,pretend nothing happened and when everything is over they will come back to you wanting to know what keeps you going. Just believe and smile.