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Love Story

LOVE STORY                           This time, I want to tell a story. It's totally fiction.       There is this girl, Jewel, she's pretty and innocent. She had so many people she thought loved her. She decided to think about them,the best six of them actually.          The first she loved but was scared of disobeying her parents,the second,she really loved too but the guy is an ungrateful one and she left him and moved on. The third, she dated the guy but not because she wanted to but because he understood her and she was scared of losing him,her kind of person. The fourth, She liked him and not love. The fifth, She doesn't have anything for him tho he thinks she does.           She thought to herself that she has spent her entire life loving the wrong people including her crush who never noticed her. So she gave up on love. But then she forgot that someone has always loved her and will always love her and will forever love her, that someone is hers