We have lots on our minds waiting for it to explode most especially about humanity. Humanity surpasses all living things and activities done  in the world. Humanity defers in many ways, places, races, tribes and even personal assumptions.

             Humans live and play by the rules, most rules we think is best for us and sometimes normal rules of life. I believe humanity is all about ``do to others what you would like them to do to you'' and this should be the ultimate rule we humans need to abide in but sadly most haven't heard about it talk more of practicing it. All human minds work the same in the sense that whatever someone is thinking at the moment, someone else will still think about it and someone else somewhere is also thinking of the same thing at that point in time and someone has also thought about it.
Yes of course we break rules to survive but after survival what next? Is it to continue living a life of survival or to work hard to leave the survival life and continue a better and an honest one. People differ, yes that's very true but look around you and you will find out that everyone is on the same race but on different tracks. We should be very careful of what we do today because it can cost us our tomorrow. 
                 If you have discovered your purpose make sure whatever you do with it counts in a positive way especially when you're dealing with your fellow humans. Humanity is for all and not for some. The moment humanity is loved, we are saved. We don't have to wait for anybody to save humanity. We can save humanity, we can save us.  


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