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My first interview

                                           MY FIRST INTERVIEW My dad always says when you’re expecting something prepare for it. Smiles.               ‘‘That dress is a sorry one,’’ mother said to me as i was ironing my flowered gown with a very heated iron almost begging for mercy if it could talk. Mum please don’t start this evening, i said to her. I arranged everything i needed for the next day. I checked my shoes even after bubu has cleaned it with anger but who cares, it’s my day tomorrow so everything has to be perfect.           ‘‘Wake up sis’’ . Jesus, bube its 4:00am it’s a job interview not a sleeping competition, I said to her almost screaming. I wasn’t able to sleep back so I grabbed my phone to look at some things i had browsed on job interviews. Soon it was 5:00am. ‘‘go call your sister for prayers” I could hear mum tell bube from my room. I was the last person to join the prayers after which I had my bath and then went over to the dining room for bre