My first interview


                    MY FIRST INTERVIEW

My dad always says when you’re expecting something prepare for it. Smiles.
              ‘‘That dress is a sorry one,’’ mother said to me as i was ironing my flowered gown with a very heated iron almost begging for mercy if it could talk. Mum please don’t start this evening, i said to her. I arranged everything i needed for the next day. I checked my shoes even after bubu has cleaned it with anger but who cares, it’s my day tomorrow so everything has to be perfect.
          ‘‘Wake up sis’’ . Jesus, bube its 4:00am it’s a job interview not a sleeping competition, I said to her almost screaming. I wasn’t able to sleep back so I grabbed my phone to look at some things i had browsed on job interviews. Soon it was 5:00am. ‘‘go call your sister for prayers” I could hear mum tell bube from my room. I was the last person to join the prayers after which I had my bath and then went over to the dining room for breakfast. ``who made this very hot tea? `dad screamed from the other end of the dining table’. No one replied him because he always does that.
It’s time for me to dress up for my long awaited interview. I wore my body hugged ash dress that made me look very classy with a black brazier. ‘‘Nne take this black bag it brings me luck” mum said from behind, thanks mum I replied. I made sure to put all my necessary documents in order not to forget any. I stood in front of my mirror admiring my beautiful self. ‘‘Where is this girl? ‘does she know what the time is? Daddy it’s just 7:00am and the interview starts by 9:00am .‘‘lets go and she’s there lecturing me’’ dad scolded from his room again. ``good luck Nne’’ mum and bube said simultaneously and we all laughed.
               ``Don’t  you know that people are already there since 6:00am’’ dad said as he drove me to FIRS headquarters Abuja about 1 mile away from home. As he drove closer, I didn’t believe my eyes, I immediately checked my gold wrist watch my aunt sent me from Australia on my last birthday, it’s 7:30am and all these people are already here. ‘‘I always advice you that when anticipating for something, always prepare for it he said again from the other side. ‘‘Nne remember all I have taught you okay’’ he said to me as I was about alighting from his car. Just get ready to take me to Kilimanjaro later this evening I told before he drove off. Luckily for me i saw a sit under a sunflower tree and as I was still walking to relax and wait like the others for the officials to arrive, a very yellow young lady just took the sit. Young lady didn’t you see me or are you blind? As she was about saying something, I don’t know how it happened but in a second I saw blood all over my face and well iron dress ,o Jesus! It’s the yellow young lady, she has been shot in the head, she was already on the floor and her blue gown and pretty green shoes all stained but what kind of combination was that I said to myself as more blood splashed on me and I think I saw something that looked like her brain tissues. Ah! I even had time to check out those things and before I knew it people were running and screaming for their lives as more gun shots went on. As I made my way to run I noticed I couldn’t because I have been shot, ‘‘I have being shot’’ I screamed as I found myself on the floor and fighting for my life. ‘‘Jesus please if i die this day accept me into your kingdom’’ that’s the last sentence i made before passing out, I didn’t even know when I said that.
‘‘that’s how my first day of interview turned out’’ I said to my mum sitting very close to me in my hospital bed at ST.Gabriel’s hospital Abuja.  Please I need all of you to leave here I said politely to the slim one eyed press man and his crew sitting just opposite me. ‘‘I honestly thought I would be telling this story in heaven’’ I told my family as tears rolled down my cheeks.


  1. You're A Shining Star
    Thanks for that creative ingenuity.

  2. Wow. This is good😍. Go girl!

  3. Aww so touching. You are really good. Keep it up dear.

    1. Thanks. Pls I will u identity yourself, if it's okay by you.

  4. Wow ! You are going higher dear.
    So interesting.

  5. Wow...I must say great write up ...nice creativity and unexpected lines that beautified it. Kudos Pamsy..... U have it and there is more you can do.

  6. Nice one sweetheart. You are so creative

  7. Nice pieces of writing keep it up

  8. ‘‘I always advice you that when anticipating for something, always prepare for it he said again from the other side....... This is an extract that i found compelling.

  9. You're doing well....

  10. Chimamanda of our time. Am so proud of you hun. Truly its better to be prepared and be waiting for opportunity than for the opportunity to meet you unprepared

  11. Waw, nice one, more greese to your elbow sweetie

  12. Wow! I love the write up
    Keep it up dr 💞 💞

  13. Niz and interesting write up.... More of dat...


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