My date

                                MY DATE

We all deserve to be loved, a musician once sang.

“He no longer cares about me or my feelings” Claire said to me over the phone.
 C’mon Claire you have told me this a million time. Just give it a break if you think it’s too much, you’re so unbelievable.
Anyways guess what! Claire,
“O my God! George proposed?” she inquired.
“No, Charlie asked me out on a date and I said yes” I told her smiling. ‘‘He really likes you know." Claire said. Probably.
``You got this girlfriend and don’t do anything I won’t do’’ she teased. You do lots of things Claire. I rolled my eyes as I gave her the reply.
“Don’t be wild and stick to the girl rules.” We said simultaneously laughing.

“Good morning boss.” I said to a thick beautiful black woman who was already pissed at me for been late to work.
“Fabiola West! Don’t push me.’’ She called out like she always does in situations like this.
“I’m sorry ma’am, it won’t happen again.” I said to her before leaving her very large office, in fact big enough for a sitting room.
“Why is your mum always like that?”Claire asked behind me almost freaking me out.
“I guess I have to be a perfect daughter.” I replied before settling in my office, well decorated with beautiful art works I got from Paris the last time I visited.
“That’s not today’s deal though.’’ She said dancing round my office. I know right and yes; he already called this morning so please don’t ask.
“Claire Walton, I don’t pay you thousands to entertain my daughter “Mum yelled behind her.
“I’m sorry boss.” She said and at the same giving me the girls sign while making her way out of my office to her desk and mum giving me that ‘‘be careful look’’ while leaving. Well she’s not always like this. ‘‘work is work’’ her words.
I was really excited and nervous all day and mum couldn’t help but noticed.

“You know I prefer red to black.” I told Claire who was already putting my large room into a mess in search for a dress.
“Finally, Fab this is it, perfect!’’
“Thanks.” I told her.
Soon, I was already dressed up looking sumptuous.
“Have a nice one’’ Claire said as I was about opening my front door to a tall handsome Caucasian young man waiting for me.
“This is for you.”He said with his charming smile.
“Keep this for me okay.” I told Claire. At that point I already knew she wouldn’t because of the chocolates in the fancy bag Charlie gave to me.
“Your home is as beautiful as you.’’ Charlie said to me as his driver drove us to one of the most expensive restaurants in Berlin.
“You both look amazing.”Said the woman who came to take our orders.
“I’m such a lucky man.” Charlie replied smiling and making me to smile too.
“You have a very nice smile Fab.”He said as we walked down the peaceful street holding hands laughing.
We walked a little more when he held me closer and reached for a kiss but my tight gown immediately tore. Embarrassing I know. And he was gentle enough to help with his Versace coat as he gave me a hug. We gazed at the stars together though I noticed he had his eyes on me instead.
“I had an amazing evening Fab and I would want to spend more time with you again sometime if you don’t mind.’’ he said as he walked me to my door step.
I leaned closer and gave him a peck then he left. Yeah his coat, I held on to it.

“Your perfect gown treated me well.”I said sarcastically to Claire who was smiling sheepishly at me with her lips all chocolate. So, Claire I finally had an amazing date indeed, I chuckled.


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