Our neighborhood





Grandma always says, always do what’s right and never give up on it.

I have lived in this streets with these folks. I know everyone who lives in this my neighborhood. ‘‘Our neighborhood’’ Junior my little brother said throwing the words at me.

‘‘Enough you two, come have your dinner mum called out.

It was midnight when I stepped outside because Juniors snores couldn’t let me sleep. I heard some screams not far away. Funny enough it’s already a normal scenario around here. ‘‘Your brother slept outside again’’ I heard mum say. ‘‘Get your ass in here’’ she scolded.

‘‘It’s Saturday boys and you know what happens here on Saturdays’’ we hustle ma I and Junior said simultaneously looking at each other. I live in this small town with my brother, mum and grandmother. My mum has being a single mum since 24 but we got the best education many couldn’t afford.

‘‘Hey drop that or I will turn your mystery into ministry’’ our neighbor told someone which made I and junior burst into laughter as we were waiting for a daily job.

‘‘When will this end junior asked’’ soon junior soon I hugged him as we kept waiting.


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