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Chapter one: Find me. On a beautiful day, Friday, 4th October 2020. The day I have being waiting for, a day I have always looked forward to, a day I had imagined the end when I haven’t even started the beginning, a day of my….. “Linda, what are you still doing in bed?” Jenny my sister asked standing akimbo, taking me aback from my thoughts. Jenny is my second elder sister. A pain in my ass. Always on my neck and a sturbon fellow. I closed my eyes back pretending to still be asleep. “C’mon Linda don’t play games with me.” She yelled this time. I’m up silly. I stood up and made my way to the bathroom. I lazily sat on the water system while I perused instagram. “Linda, everyone is waiting for you” she said again after ten minutes. (you know that feeling when you really want to do something but you just don’t have the strength ,that was my situation, I sighed). I had my bath and quickly dressed up to meet my sisters already waiting for me. I wore my black pair of