Chapter one: Find me. On a beautiful day, Friday, 4th October 2020. The day I have being waiting for, a day I have always looked forward to, a day I had imagined the end when I haven’t even started the beginning, a day of my….. “Linda, what are you still doing in bed?” Jenny my sister asked standing akimbo, taking me aback from my thoughts. Jenny is my second elder sister. A pain in my ass. Always on my neck and a sturbon fellow. I closed my eyes back pretending to still be asleep. “C’mon Linda don’t play games with me.” She yelled this time. I’m up silly. I stood up and made my way to the bathroom. I lazily sat on the water system while I perused instagram. “Linda, everyone is waiting for you” she said again after ten minutes. (you know that feeling when you really want to do something but you just don’t have the strength ,that was my situation, I sighed). I had my bath and quickly dressed up to meet my sisters already waiting for me. I wore my black pair of jean trouser and a colored T-shirt and joined my sisters for breakfast. “Happy birthday pumpkin “they all said simultaneously with my favorite color of flowers. "I am 22 today so I deserve some respect from all of you starting today". They looked at me and then looked at each other before boosting out a thunderous laughter. Well, like I wasn’t expecting that. It took us close to an hour to have breakfast because we seriously lacked table manners. “Table manners ladies” mum would say if she were here but my goodness, she’s on a long vacation with dad. When we were done, Oma cleared everyone's plate. Oma is my eldest sister and the most gentle and richest amongest us. she had the nicest smile. Infact, she's the fairest of them all. I’m actually nervous because you know what they say about clocking an age of twin numbers like 22. Mum used to say that you magically become more attractive especially in public places just like the story of Cinderella and if you weren’t careful, it could get you into trouble. How am I to keep up with this for a whole year? I guess that’s what I have being anticipating. “Linda, Oma wants to take us out on a special treat today.” Tina said from her room already dressing up. Ok, Tina is my third and my immediate elder sister. She's someone you could classify as a tomboy. She's a brown skin goddess. She's like my twin because it's always the two of us and funny enough, I like being around her cos she's a whole lot of positive vibe. Without further questions I dressed up on a blue tight gown that's just a bit below my knee and wore a light makeup. When everyone was ready we rode in our dad's 2019 model jeep. We got to this expensive eatery down town. It’s just 30minutes drive from home. We spent more than 4 hours there telling stories of our most embarrassing moments and funny enough, I have the most embarrassing moments. The time was already 7 o’clock pm and by then we were all a little intoxicated except Tina who drove us. Tina took a longer route back home because she wanted us to see how beautiful the city looked at night with the colorful lights everywhere. “Wait, today’s the grand orchestra night girls, I know somebody who can get us in” Tina said as she pulled over infront of a very large building. In no time she got us tickets and we made our way inside. I had never attended an orchestra in my life. I got to see different red carpet dresses. I guess 22 is such a good age. We were already late, we almost missed the performance. When it was over and everyone gathered for the two to tango dance. Sipping my favorite wine 'Mary Rosa', someone held out his hand to me. Looking up, i got lost in his handsomeness a brown skinned guy. For a moment, it felt like a dream. “Dance with me” were his words. Without hesitation, I placed my hand on his. Luckily for me, I usually practice the two to tango dance with mum “so this is my moment” I said to myself. We did all the steps so nice that it caught the attention of all including my sisters. After the dance, we stood for about 5 seconds with our eyes locked on eachothers. I felt his heavy breaths on me and I know he felt mine too. At that point I noticed how tall he really was. Oma couldn't help clapping and that was when I noticed how long we gazed on eachother. In no time they all got distracted by something else. “I will find you” he said revealing his gap tooth before he ran off. Tina came and held my hand and we left. It was a long drive with my sisters because they didn’t stop teasing me until we got home and I had to lock up my door to prevent any disturbance. I guess mum was right about the twin number thing. Well, my 22 just got started. I didn’t stop thinking about everything that went on on that day until I slept off. To be continued...


  1. You are always the best plug ,keep it up dear

  2. Can wait to see how he finds you..... Great write up... With insightful thinking and deep suspense with a professional style... Keep it up

    1. The second chapter is already here. Thank you.

  3. Doing great dear.... Interesting Story, please don't keep us waiting for the continuation. Thanks you senorita☺

  4. U better wake up n continue dis sweet story... Ur write-ups always interest me. Keep it up seƱorita


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