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                       Oma and I went to a shopping mall to buy some of her personal stuff and provisions. Like always I would never refuse any request from Oma, so I gladly accompanied her. The mall was a very big one with lots of people. It was actually my first time there. Soon our cart got filled and it was time to make payments. I had to wait for Oma at a corner and spent time admiring attractive things. "Hey Linda, I forgot to pick grapes for mum, go get it quick". I stretched my hand to pick one after staring at the price tag for two seconds. It dropped before my hand could reach it. I bent immediately to pick it up, luckily it was well packaged. But someone already picked it, he looked familiar, really familiar. The brown skin, yep, I gave him a name. I was surprise and overly excited that I couldn't hide it. He smiled back as he gave back the packaged grapes. When our hands met, I had a feeling as if an electric current moved through me. I guess he felt the sa