Oma and I went to a shopping mall to buy some of her personal stuff and provisions. Like always I would never refuse any request from Oma, so I gladly accompanied her. The mall was a very big one with lots of people. It was actually my first time there. Soon our cart got filled and it was time to make payments. I had to wait for Oma at a corner and spent time admiring attractive things. "Hey Linda, I forgot to pick grapes for mum, go get it quick". I stretched my hand to pick one after staring at the price tag for two seconds. It dropped before my hand could reach it. I bent immediately to pick it up, luckily it was well packaged. But someone already picked it, he looked familiar, really familiar. The brown skin, yep, I gave him a name. I was surprise and overly excited that I couldn't hide it. He smiled back as he gave back the packaged grapes. When our hands met, I had a feeling as if an electric current moved through me. I guess he felt the same because he didn't let go of my hand. He began to walk closer, my heart raced faster and even faster when he hugged me. I guess he wanted me to feel his heart racing too. I didn't want to let go and so was he too. 
           "Linda, Linda, Linda" I heard my name distantly. I heard knocks as soon as I opened my eyes. It was all a dream. For real? "I'm up"I screened on top of my voice to whoever that almost brought my door down. I walked straight to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror staring at a funny looking image and wondering about the lipstick on my cheek and black lines under my eyes with tiny glitters all over my face, oh, I didn't wash off last night. I cleaned up and joined my family for breakfast. "Morning dad, morning mum"I greeted. I wasn't surprised to see them anyways,Mum peeked me before I sat with them. I wasn't surprised to see them anyways. I noticed silly glances from my sisters . Tina even had to raise her right brows and widen her eyes looking at me. I knew they were acting weird because of the previous night. Oma cleaned the table as usual. "Linda accompany me to the shopping mall" she said when I was about entering my room. I froze immediately and my jaw dropped. "No, I mean yes of course", I replied after few seconds. "This is not happening", I said under my breath... To be continued.


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