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                     SLAVE TO NATURE She used to be the happiest girl. People even called her Joy. It’s just so sad how such a sweet soul was made the opposite of herself.  No home, no family, no friends. Nothing to call her own. So many called her names and that she won’t forget easily. She has never being like this before but now she’s full of anger, regrets and pains. She has even forgotten her own name; she thought to herself. She works day and night everyday to get nothing in return. As the sun rises and sets every day, she only prays for death and she awaits it. She my dear is a slave to nature. She tried so many times to take her own life, ‘‘no I can’t make this worse than it is already” she always says to herself. One morning,  she left to continue her daily struggle of survival. She managed to buy herself bread which will last her the whole day. A cycler bumped into her and the bread fell off her hand and as she bent over to pick what’s left after raining a million curses on h